Website Maintenance, Backup, and Security
Enjoy the smooth running of your WordPress site through our tailored, comprehensive care plan made just for you.

Website Maintenance Checklist

Effective comprehensive list of website maintenance tasks that is a must for website.


We ensure that your website remain secure, updated and optimized.

Your website is the foundation of your business

People visit your website to read about your company, find your contact information, and avail your services. If your website isn’t working properly or not maintained, you may lose out significant business.

Regular Maintenance

Regular website maintenance helps prevent these issues. It helps protect your site from cyber threats by keeping your security systems up to date.

Search Engine Supports Maintained Website

Persistent technical issues, security issues, and outdated website design, structure, or content all contribute to diminishing your search engine rankings.

Improves Performance

Regularly maintaining your site will also help in boost performance and deliver a stunning and secure environment for your visitors.


More traffic, more customers, more sales.

Google prioritize websites that load fast. Customers that visit these sites spend less time waiting and are more likely to make purchases and come back. We intimately understand how to build frictionless sites that load quickly and drive conversions.

Website Maintainence Services

We specialize in ensuring our clients’ websites remain secure, updated, and optimized.

Best web design services

Website is a big part of your online brand presence, make it count! Your prospects are looking up your website to learn more about the company, product/services, read client testimonial, download brochures and more.

Coded Square helps small businesses with Website Development services including website design/redesign, band-aid fix, website migration, maintenance and hosting services.
You get the ability to customize your site how you want. You get all the customization and none of the worry about whether you have everything you need for your site to succeed.

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