Branding is the process of forming a brand image withe the passage of time through formation of an added value of a trade mark. As a result that makes a product to be more attractive for end users, as well as the process of promoting the brand on the market.

Brand is not just a trademark. It is applicable to both the consumer goods and services, provided by network players, as well as to individual projects and even entire corporations. The brand is important not only for promotion of the company own goods and services, but also for its employees, as well as investors, since the latter do not buy only stocks, but also faith in the future profits of the company.

A prerequisite for successful existence and functioning of any brand is sticking to the general corporate style – a visual and semantic unity of the company image. The corporate style elements include the following: product name, logo, trademark, service mark, company name, company colors, slogan, style, and colors of the company employees’ workwear, as well as other intellectual property objects, which belong to the company.

The corporate style and its application in web design make a unity of the external appearance of all the proposed objects and it does not matter whether it will be a goods package, equipment, documentation, clothes, advertisements, etc. A qualitative web site or application is the best way to do this. The corporate style, used in your web site, or a unique website with original brand features and elements, is an essential part of any company image, which is designed to attract new potential clients.

Any brand also has such features as: functionality that it provides, the values that is preaches, and the number of people or businesses that use this functionality, as well as their emotions, caused by the brand. Besides, the brand concept may include the brand obligations in a certain sphere.

All the companies are unique in themselves. Creation of the company brand, as the image of its current and future activities, involves many factors such as: analysis of the current company status, strategy analysis, formation of the company image and market image in 5-10 years.

After this kind of information has been collected, there comes the stage of business creativity, which highlights the main features of the company as a brand. At this stage, the most important features of the company activities are used as the brand guides and the less significant features add some uniqueness within the given direction.

Using the abundance of the branding techniques, companies may not only advertise the brand functionality, but also convey its unique atmosphere, features, and benefits. However, we should not forget that these are only the technology, mechanisms, and tools that convey the ideas, incorporated in the process of brand creation.

If your company does not have a corporate style, own logo or you would like to change something, the COAX Software Company specialists can develop the stylistic and corporate elements of any complexity especially for you. We will create a new and unique style that will help you to stand out from the crowd, become original, and develop intense brand loyalty.

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