Mobile Development

Development of mobile applications delivers you with a modern and efficient tool for working with the customers. Using such an application, you can easily manage both the company and the employees. Because mobile apps allow giving instructions and direct you to right path.

Native vs Cross-Platform Applications

One of the most important decision before developing mobile applications is to choose a right platform. Which is better: native or cross-platform solutions? Here we’ll try to describe both of them and if you still cannot decide, feel free to contact us.

Native applications are specifically designed for a certain Operating System and smoothly operate on the devices with that Operating System. Such applications can easily use all the device functions (camera, microphone, accelerometer, etc.) and herewith they need smaller amount of resources (battery, memory, etc.). Depending on their purpose, apps can require internet or not.

Cross-platform development includes the usage of special utilities (frameworks) for creating JavaScript-based applications. The whole application structure and logics is created with the help of such tools in JavaScript (React Native, PhoneGap, Titanium, etc.) and then it is enfolded with the native starting element, letting you to create the projects with the same logics for multiple operating systems at once.

Android, iOS or Something New?

Mobile applications are developed for Android and iOS devices. These are the most popular devices on which all the mobile apps run. Users for such devices are particularly accustomed of different apps such as entertainment, social, sports, games, learning and business purposes.

Development of the mobile apps for Android, for example, will give you access to a wide audience of mobile users, this can attain a lot of audience.

There are a large amount of iPhone users as well. These are the users with above the average income and we must not forget to develop application for iOS as well.

And Here Comes Something New

React Native platform was introduced in 2015. It was nothing new at first glimpse, only JavaScript, with the support of which you could make “native” user interface elements both for iOS and Android. Certain frameworks have already had such a feature for many years.

It was only in first glimpse and all the perfection was buried in details. Design, which can be fetch from the web and assemble together for iOS and Android development. Designer create the components which is “header”, “screen”, “button” etc.


This method is very useful: at start, the front end is quickly built, and then it is concluded for each precise platform only in those places, where it is required. It is mostly like web development process where you develop the interface first and then give it a right framework.


Making of the cross-platform applications is significantly an important activity therefore we can ensure qualitative, competent, and proficient solutions for your business. If you need an app for your business, feel free to contact us and we will deliver you with the best product, which will open new skylines for your business, knowingly increase your company profits, and enhance the number of potential clients.

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